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Cyber Network is a “understand each other” society where people, experts and researchers can help with a wealth of experience and leading-edge media technology.
Your project begins with understanding what you’re saying.

It is the Cyber Network’s way.

Company Profile

  • Cyber Network Co., Ltd.
  • Establishment August, 1988
  • Head office: 3-18-17 Kugayama, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 168-0082, Japan
    Tel: +81-3-5344-9511
  • e-mail:
  • url:
  • Captal 10,000,000yen
  • Group Comapny Cyber Entertainment, Inc. (U.S.A.)
    4235 Keystone Ave. Culver City CA 90232

The Activities of Cyber Network Co., Ltd.

  • Support and consulting for public relations activities that convey research and specialized content, such as science and technology, environmental technology, and medical care, to society
  • Development of media communication content related to the above
  • Development of advanced media technologies related to the above
  • Planning and production of TV programs
  • Planning and production of display images
  • Planning and production of commercials
  • Planning and production of PR videos
  • Research and marketing in Japan and overseas
  • Coordinates for filming overseas


  • 1994
    Media Exhibition at Wakayama Prefectural Museum
    Received the Public Award in the Multimedia Grand Prix ’94 Exhibition Video Category.
    SIGGRAPH ’94 SIGKIDS Corner invited works
  • 1995
    Cyber Emergency System (virtual discussion)
    Join the SIGGRAPH ’95 Interactive Communities Invitation
    Received the Business Award in the Exhibition Division of the Multimedia Grand Prix ’95
  • 1997
    Space Simulation (Discovery Park Yaizu)
    Sign up for the SIGGRAPH ’97 Visual Proceedings invitation
  • 1998
    Archaeological Guide Monitor (The Museum, Archaeological Institute of Kashihara, Nara Prefecture)
    Join the SIGGRAPH ’98 SIGKIDS Invitation
  • 1999
    Dr. Eken’s laboratory (Gunma Prefectural Inst. of Public Health and Environment)
    Participated in the invitation of SIGGRAPH ’99 Electric School House
  • 2002
    Computer Station (Yokohama Children’s Science Museum)
    Join the SIGGRAPH ’02 SIGKIDS Invitation
  • 2007
    TV Asahi Awesome Spaceship Earth “CO2 Slim Campaign”
    2007 Science Broadcasting Takayanagi Memorial Prize
  • 2007
    TV Asahi Awesome Spaceship Earth “The Miracle of the narrow river with dirty, stagnant ditchwater”
    2007 National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan Award for Excellence in the “Broadcasting and Public Nature” NAB Awards 2007