AI technology is transforming research!


Promotional video for AIST's Advanced AI Project, opening up the future of research @AIST

There is also a global competition in the field of research and development.
To make research more efficient, we need to acquire big data.
The field of research and development is becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex.
A huge amount of work is required for experiments, analysis and classification.
At the same time, however, there is a demand for more efficient research and faster results.

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AAA Common Infrastructure Opens the Door to Multimodal AI and Beyond

Multimodal AI


AAA Common Infrastructure


Advanced AI


AI Assisted coding


AUTO Lab System

Now, a whole new era is about to begin in which AI will assist and automate research.
In particular, the use of multimodal AI in research is the hottest research field.
However, utilizing AI that is not in one’s own research field can be a difficult task for the average researcher.

The AAA Common Infrastructure of the AIST Advanced AI Project is a system that brings together three functions:
advanced AI including this multimodal AI,
AI-assisted coding,
and the AUTO Lab system, allowing anyone to utilize AI to create a paradigm shift in research and development.

Aiming for innovation through research and development and an exciting future ahead

In this video, we introduce what the AAA common infrastructure of the AIST Advanced AI Project makes possible, with specific details explained by the person in charge of each infrastructure.
In addition, research that is beginning to utilize the AAA common infrastructure will be presented, including results.