The Open University of Japan Invitation from "Science"


Introducing everything from the pursuit of the mysteries of life to catalysts for an environmentally friendly chemical industry. @The Open University of Japan BS231ch

The Open University of Japan was established for the purpose of university education and lifelong learning through broadcasting, and 50,000 students study there annually.
It has TV broadcasts on B231 and BS232, and radio broadcasts on BS531.
Invitation from Science” is a program that introduces the latest achievements in science to the general public.

Approaching the Origin of Life! Asymmetric Autocatalysis

Using computer graphics and graphics, this exhibit introduces the research discovered by Professor Emeritus Kenzo Soai of the Tokyo University of Science that leads to the origin of life.
The “asymmetric autocatalytic reaction” discovered by Professor Kenzo Soai is a reaction that combines the characteristics of life, namely self-propagation and homochirality, and realizes a process in which organic compounds self-propagate and reach homochirality, just as organisms self-propagate.
This discovery, which shocked scientists around the world, is known as the “Soai reaction.

Green Chemistry Pioneered by Environmentally Harmonious Organocatalysts

If it weren’t for synthetic organic chemistry.
Using CG and other graphics, this presentation introduces the somewhat difficult study of organic synthesis in an accessible manner.
We will consider the future of environmentally friendly chemical industry through organic catalysts discovered by Professor Keiji Maruoka of Kyoto University.
“Maruoka Catalyst” is a high-performance chiral phase-transfer catalyst targeting the synthesis of artificial amino acids.
It is the key to the realization of green chemistry, which is to synthesize chemical substances efficiently from as safe and small amount of raw materials as possible, to reduce the waste generated by the use of chemical substances as much as possible, and to use substances that decompose easily even if they are released into the environment.