New contents for an active experience of Kamikochi and the surrounding area


Providing information on knowing and experiencing the natural environment in multiple languages @Kamikochi Visitor Center, Kamikochi Information Center

The “Kamikochi Visitor Center” and “Kamikochi Information Center”, facilities of the Ministry of the Environment, are the bases for national park use in the southern region of the Chubu Mountain Public Park. The “Kamikochi Digital Guide” and web page contents that can be experienced at the facilities have been greatly enhanced.

Introducing activities that showcase the attractions of the national park "Activities around Kamikochi and surrounding area".

Activities in Kamikochi and the surrounding area
This page introduces activities that can be experienced in the region, mainly through visuals. You can narrow down your search by various criteria such as activity content and time required to experience the activity.

■ Search on the map

You can search for activities on the map. You can tell the genre of the activity by the color and picture of the icon.

■ It's a waste of time to go home! "Recommended Tour routes"

Recommended Tour routes
We introduce model courses that allow you to fully enjoy Kamikochi and the surrounding areas, such as 2-day/1-night or 3-day/2-night tours.

■ Can be used on a smartphone while traveling, of course!

Optimized screens for smartphones are available.
When traveling, “I’ve got a little time on my hands, is there any good activity I can do?” We will respond to the needs of our customers.